Unified Communications Vs issues

January 27, 2009

The big issue?
Ten years ago, when UC products first rolled out, connectivity was a major issue! However, what is the real issue now?

Many experts feel that this is the time of business transformation throughout the world and the biggest issue before UC vendors is to find ways for make their products integrate with the various processes of an organization. Any UC product cannot be sucessful or deliver benifits to the customer unless it can intergrate with various processes and tools and should be easy to use.

It now time for enterprises to stop investing in old technologies and look at adopting a suitable architecture for using UC products.

SaaS and security
Safety of adopting UC under SaaS model is one concern that enterprises have.
Experts admit that information security and connectivity were areas of concern under the SaaS model.

However vendors like Cisco, maintain that all their UC products guarantee cent percent protection of Information and security. The Cisco products come with third party certification.

Cisco vs. Microsoft
Seamless integration of Cisco UC products in a Microsoft environment, is also one big concern.
Cisco, is making efforts to make its UC products work with Microsoft products too.

The issues have been their for some time now. The latest news is that Cisco is already in talks with Micorsoft to sort out the issue and an announcement can be expected in about three months time.
Is India ready for UC ?
While adopting UC is still looked as an additional investment, it can actually benefit an organization in more than one way.

For enterprises it is time to get incubated to the UC environment. Many organizations look at investments in technology with a view point of making profit in short time but technologies like UC has to be viewed with a long term perspective.

3G and UC
3G services is being introduced by MTNL in Delhi and Mumbai, and soon the services are expected to be introduced in other cites of India.

The introduction of 3G services will pave way for more usage of videos and this will be a driver of UC products as videos can play an important role in Customer care Services of the future.