Virtual Girl Friend

Don’t have a girl friend? Bored of sleeping alone? You may no longer need to worry now!

Days are not far when you can have a virtual girl friend to sleep with, if not a real one! All of this has just become a possibility with a new interactive installation created by Drew Burrows, a New Yorker.

Brew Burrows’s virtual girl friend is a good friend indeed. She starts reacting as you enter the bed fitted with the installation. She can curl up, change sleeping positions as you change yours, and even rolls and buries her face if you kiss her. The only hitch — you can’t feel her.

The virtual girl friend in question is noting but a two-dimensional image. Drew has used an “infrared sensitive” light projection to make all this real.

The installation has been developed so as to give both the sensations of being alone and having someone in the bed with the viewer at the same time. The aim of the piece was to speak on the feelings of loneliness, affection, and intimacy.

In an chat with me, Drew Burrows said that the piece involves previously recorded footage of a woman sleeping in various positions on a bed, filmed from above. An infrared camera is mounted next to the projector and reads the position of a real live person who climbs into the bed. As the person gets into and moves around the bed the woman sleeping is manipulated according to the real life person.

Drew says it took him a course of few months to put together the installation. “I enjoy working with projections on unconventional surfaces and I wanted to create an art installation that could convey the feelings of loneliness, intimacy and affection. The intent was to make the person projected intangible.” Browns added.

The NewYorker said that he is currently in the process of working with a few galleries around NYC to put up the new installation. Besides, he is also experimenting with a wider range of projection footage and slightly different surfaces.

However, it may still take quite a time for these installations to be commercially available so that people can have the virtual girl friend in homes. There will be no commercial release immediately, Drew Burrows said.


4 Responses to Virtual Girl Friend

  1. Niki says:

    Smart Idia !

  2. Anon says:

    Bit Pthetic!

  3. mysoresharath says:

    Thanks for the comments : Ed

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